11822355_887324967988416_1393439215066953168_nRochelle DuFord is joining the Philosophy and Religion Department at University of North Carolina Wilmington as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in Fall 2017. She was previously a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

She received her PhD in Philosophy from Binghamton University (2016). While completing her dissertation, she was a fellow with the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities at Binghamton University (IASH). Her research focuses on social and political philosophy and ethics.

She is particularly interested in normative and conceptual problems that arise from the states system, global/transnational democracy, and international law. Her work is driven by a critical concern with the development of political, ethical, and social life under contemporary conditions of globalization, late capitalism, and liberalism. She is currently working on a research project concerning global democracy and feminist theories of solidarity.

Rochelle’s teaching is guided by principles of inclusivity, both in subject and method. She teaches across a wide range of areas in social, political, and legal philosophy, as well as applied ethics. Her courses combine philosophical texts with an emphasis on the empirical–including discussions of the development and effects of social, political, and legal institutions, lived experience, and history. To this end, she co-organized the development of the MAP for the Gap (Minorities and Philosophy) Best Practices for the Inclusive Philosophy Classroom website. She currently serves as an Applied Philosophy Section Editor for the Diversity Reading List, for which she received a grant from the Society for Applied Philosophy. She was also interviewed by 3am Magazine concerning her work on diversity in philosophy.

When she’s not working, Rochelle can be found riding her bike, playing with her cats, and cooking vegetables. You can contact Rochelle at rhduford [at] gmail [dot] com.


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